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The Iconic Indian Pacific train marks 50 years

The Indian Pacific coast-to-coast crossing is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

On February 23, 1970, more than 10,000 people lined the East Perth Terminal to witness the historic completion of the first unbroken transcontinental train trip from Sydney – that spanned 4352km.

Today, Australia’s longest rail journey (65-hours), is a luxurious affair where Gold class is the minimum standard (Platinum class debuted in 2008).

The first stop for the passengers taking the special 50-year anniversary trip from Perth is Kalgoorlie; founded in 1889, as a result of the Coolgardie gold rush along W.A’s Golden Mile.

Take your next adventure by train

People and suitcases fill the platform. The conductor’s whistle blows. Steam suddenly bursts from the bowels of the train as it jolts to life. There’s an undeniable romance and sense of adventure to exploring the world by train.

Over the decades, train travel has seen countless greetings and farewells and even today, remains a symbol of new beginnings, hopes and dreams.

Why travel by train? Because with your travel and accommodation wrapped into one, it’s very cost-effective. You can take more luggage than an airline, and even enjoy your own food and drink. All the while, travelling in comfort and style, as you gaze out the window, watching the world pass you by.

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