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Ever wondered when the best time to travel is?

August 12, 2018


The best time to travel depends on a lot of things – where you want to go, what your budget is if you want to do anything specifically in that particular place (ie ski), the time of the year you can go etc.

Below is a guide to some of the more visited areas of the world and this will give you some ideas for when the best time to travel is.

For more information or if you have specific questions for a country/city not listed here give us a call on 03 5333 7977.


Early autumn is best for China (September/October) when temperatures are reasonable and there is low rainfall. Summer can get extremely hot. Hong Kong’s climate is sub-tropical so avoid May to November which is typically typhoon time.

March to October is best for Malaysia and Singapore to avoid the worst of the rail and humidity.

The best (and busiest) time to visit Thailand is November to February so booking ahead is a must.

The time to see Japan’s cherry blossoms are March to May but if you go October to late November you will see the beautiful autumn foliage and it is less busy.


For safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe look at May to September – it’s the dry season, wildlife is easier to spot and this is the lower tourist season. The best time to see the wildebeest migration is in Kenya’s dry season (June to October) though this can be crowded.


Summer is the Middle East and North Africa attracts fewer crowds but as temperatures are around 40 degrees it is no wonder! Winter is the high season for most of this area as the days are still sunny though the nights can get very chilly.

Spring in Morocco (April/May) is best to visit. If you don’t mind really cold nights (and sometimes snow!) then December and January can be a good alternative.


Travelling to western Europe in the shoulder seasons (traditionally April to mid June and September/October) has many benefits. Pleasant weather, fewer crowds and usually cheaper prices.

Early summer is a good time to visit Scandinavia however if you want to see the Northern Lights winter is the best time to go. Early spring for Turkey though Gallipoli will be crowded around Anzac Day. July/August will be very hot.


Due to the size of America and Canada there are a variety of seasons and climates so the best time to go will depend on what area you want to visit.

October is a good month with fewer crowds, pleasant weather and lovely autumn colours. Generally the prices on accommodation are cheaper as well.

The summer can get crowded, is typically quite hot and prices are high. This is also the time of the North American school holidays.

Spring or autumn are best for the mid-west to avoid the heat of summer and the cold winters.
If you are going to the Gulf of Mexico or the eastern seaboard the avoid hurricane season from June to November.


The seasons of South America are similar to ours here in Australia.

Being near the equator, Peru has mild winters and summers through high in the Andes (around Machu Picchu) there are distinct wet and dry seasons. April/May has clear skies and generally fewer crowds. June to August usually being the busiest. The Inca Trail is closed in February’s for maintenance.

Argentina is also best to visit in April and May.

The coastal cities of Brazil – such as Rio – are still warm in winter and not as crowded.

The dry season (June to December) is a good time to see the Amazon unless you want to see the wildlife in which case you would need to go in the wet season.

Due to the length of Chile, there are a wide range of climates. If you want to see the lot then travel in summer (December to March). It is the busiest time but you will be able to have the best access to the whole country including Patagonia and the Andes.

For Antarctica, summer is the time to travel (November to March).